AP Academy

Burke High School’s Advanced Placement Academy is a challenging college preparatory curriculum emphasizing academic rigor. It is intended to prepare students to be successful upon entry into a selective four year postsecondary institution and offers the potential for earning college credit while in high school. The Advanced Placement Academy is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the Liberal Arts through honors and AP courses.

APA Admittance Requirements

The following items will be used to determine student eligibility for the AP Academy:

  1. Report Cards - 7th grade report card and 1st semester report card from the 8th grade  
  2. MAP Scores -  7th and 8th MAP scores (preference will be given to MAP scores at/or above the 50th percentile)
  • Reading RIT Scores
  • Math RIT Scores
  1. GPA (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) - Combined GPA 3.5 (85) or higher
  1. Written Statement of Purpose – Topic and Length TBA

All required documents are to be uploaded online as part of the school choice application process.

Because the Burke AP Academy is a Magnet Program, there are yearly address verification requirements that our Board of Trustees has mandated.

Three documents that must be contained in each students file:

  1. A signed and notarized affidavit.
  2. For Residency Verification, provide a current lease if you are renting or a current property tax bill (not auto) if the residence in which you live is owned.  If property is owned and you have not yet received a tax bill, a Mortgage Statement or Hud-1 Settlement Statement can be accepted.  If property is being bought or built, a copy of the contract for sale with date of closing including buyer and seller, or a copy of the contract for construction is required. 
  3. One of the following documents for official mail verification:
  1. Electric, Gas or Water bill
  2. Phone bill (not cell phone)
  3. Cable bill
  4. Car registration (not driver’s license)
  5. Pay stub showing employer’s name and your name  and address
  6. Local, state or federal agency correspondence that includes your name and address (Social Security, Medicaid, DSS, federal student loans, ect )