Burke High School Presents: Summer LINKS 2018

Burke High School Summer LINKS
Posted on 05/22/2018

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     Dates:  June 11 – June 28th        Monday – Thursday       8:30 a. m. – 1:00 p.m.

Join other upcoming freshmen in an exploration of learning, skill improvement, and the opportunity to demonstrate expertise!

Burke LINKS students excel through hard work, personalized learning, and a sense of accomplishment that prepares them for a successful high school experience.  A .5 high school Study Skills credit is earned upon successful completion of the program from Burke High School.


Program Instruction

Project-Based Learning

You will have the opportunity to discover topics that interest you and at the same time, increase your skills in reading, researching, writing, and math.

In project based learning, you will identify a topic that you would like to learn more about. You will then read a variety of texts and view different media sources to become an expert.  Walking tours around Charleston will add to your knowledge of science, history, geography, art, and reveal issues that are currently impacting our neighborhood and community.

Courses Offered:

Literacy:  All students will participate in a literacy course that will provide each student the opportunity to select text of interest and practice the art of reading at their independent level.  Reading practice will also occur as students research a topic of interest, synthesize research findings, and create a final project.

Math and Science:   Students will work at their level to master skills necessary for grade level achievement.  Teachers will address deficits and also accelerate skills for those students who excel at math and science.

Research:  Learning the skills necessary to conduct authentic and reliable research is a major component of high school course work. These skills will be addressed as students research an identified topic relevant to their lives. The research findings will be presented at the end of program celebration.

Acceleration:  Students needing additional practice in math, reading, or research will participate in a session that provides strategies to improve academic performance in that area.


Classes run from June 11 – June 28 

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Monday – Thursday (No Friday classes)

Breakfast and lunch served daily.

No cost to CCSD students.

Burke High School SUMMER LINKS

244 President Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Contact: Ms. Cheryl Swinton, Executive Principal


Dr. Pamela Glenn, Literacy Specialist

843 579-4815