Summer Reading Plan 2019

Summer Reading Plan 2019
Posted on 06/03/2019
Summer Reading

CCSD Summer Reading for Bulldog English Students

Dear Parents,

When you hear “summer reading,” what do you think about?  Long lists of boring books that you will have to force your child to read?  A book report that won’t get written? Something else to worry about over the summer?  

We want to give students the freedom to choose what they read so that reading becomes part of a fun and relaxing summer.

Why do we want students to read during the summer anyway? There are two major reasons:

  • We want to make reading fun for students.  Reading is essential to a well-rounded education.  Reading makes students better writers, better thinkers, and better people.  The more students read, the better life-long learners they will become. We want students to read as much as they can and anything they can!    

  • Reading during the summer also helps prevent the dreaded “summer slide” where students seem to forget all that they learned during the school year.  No one should go for two whole months without reading something! Reading during the summer helps relieve the August brain fog.

Yes, we want students to read during the summer! We are partnering with the Charleston County Public Library to challenge students to read as many pages as they can over the summer.  Use this link - - to sign up, look at the prizes, see suggestions, and begin reading! In addition, we at Baptist Hill have added incentives for the students.  


Your English teachers

Suggested sites for finding books of interest:

If you are stuck, visit these websites:


Young Adult Literature:





  • Teens Health: This website provides free articles on personal health including dating and relationships, dealing with parents

  • Cook books!

Other Resources:

Access to Books and Reading Materials:

  1. Charleston County Public Libraries

    1. Students can log in using their CCSD student username (The login is the username and the password is the username)

    2. Students can log in the pages they read and earn rewards for reading.

  2. MackinVia

    1. Students will have access to eBooks through MackinVia

    2. Students use their Clever logins to use MackinVia.

  3. Transportation

    1. CARTA is providing free bus rides to students

    2. More information can be found here.

Ideas for Student Sharing:

  • Twitter (respond during reading)

    • Tweet your ideas/feelings after a chapter or section of your book.

    • Include @CCSDELA and your school’s handle!

    • Use the hashtag #CCSDReads and the title of your book with a hashtag in front of it (example: #theoldmanandthesea).

    • Variation: Choose a character in the book and tweet from their perspective.

  • Journal (respond during reading)

    • Write down your thoughts/feelings after a chapter.

    • Use a double-entry journal

    • Variation: Write a blog!

  • Video (respond during reading)

    • YouTube

    • Flipgrid

    • Advertisement

  • Podcast  (respond during or after reading)

    • Reactions

    • Review

  • Presentation to Class (respond after reading)

    • Slide deck (examples: Google slides, PowerPoint, Prezi)

    • Poster

    • Book chat

  • Book Club (respond during reading)

    • In person book club (write minutes and attendance)

    • Facebook group

    • Share with your BFF! Read a book together!

  • Art (respond after reading)

    • Short play reenacting the book

    • Sculpture

    • Painting

    • Comic Book

    • Interpretative Dance

    • Original written music and performance

    • Book Jacket

  • Snapchat: Booksnaps  

  • (See  Take pictures of your snaps and upload them to google classroom.

    Any other way to share